16- Suspended Scaffold



Course Length: 16 hours (not including classroom breaks)

Cost: $350

CEU: 1.6

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Description: To use or work on a Suspended Scaffold in New York City, an Individual must successfully complete 16 hour of user training.

 Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this training course. However, students must be able to communicate with the instructor in the language that the training is provided in

 Course Materials: This course consists of several different components including a PowerPoint presentation, lecture, case studies, class discussions and hands on demonstrations. We will provide a student manual which will include all relevant written standards.


  • Introduction To Suspended Scaffolds
  • Suspended Scaffold Accidents
  • OSHA 1926 Overview
  • NYC Construction Codes Overview
  • General Principles of Fall Protection
  • Personal Protective Equipment & Fall Arrest Systems
  • Suspended Scaffold Use
  • Hoist, Platform & Rigging Equipment
  • Maximum Intended loads & Capacity
  • Rope, Fall, Knot, Hitch Configuration & connection
  • Wire Rope & Termination Techniques
  • Basic Rope, Fall, Hoist, Block & Rigging Set-Ups & Procedures
  • Lifelines, Rope & cable grabs
  • Electric Motors, Controls & Cables
  • Suspended Scaffold Inspection: Equipment & Rigging Hardware


   Learning Outcomes: Student will be able to

  • Recognize and predict any unsafe conditions and acts as if it pertains to suspended scaffolding.
  • Know when to use the different types of knots, hitches, and connection on wire and fiber ropes.
  • Reeve and operate a block and tackle for light duty rope scaffolds.
  • Recognize and identify the proper fall protection equipment and hardware for use of a suspended scaffold.
  • Identify and relate to the NYC Building Code and OSHA Regulations and how they affect your operations
  • Recognize the risks of incident
  • React and assist in your own rescue.
  • Inspect and operate all safety features built-in or not to suspended scaffold equipment
  • Increase production by being knowledgeable of the equipment and how it operates.
Criteria for Course Completion
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