8- Suspended Scaffold Refresher



Course Length: 8 hours (not including classroom breaks)

Cost: $200

CEU: 0.8

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8-Hour Suspended Scaffold User Refresher

Course Description: As per 3314.4.5.4 of the 2014 NYC Construction Codes, this 8-Hour Suspended Scaffold User Refresher course is required every four years by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) to use or work on suspended scaffolds in New York City. Successful completion of this 8-hour refresher course is a requirement for any individual who installs, adjusts, repairs, maintains, uses, inspects or removes suspended scaffold and has completed the 16-Hour suspended scaffold user and refresher training course OR who possesses a valid challenge examination certificate issued prior to January 1, 2014, beginning from the enactment of this code on January 1, 2015. 

 Prerequisites: Proof do 16-hour Suspended Scaffold User must be provided in order to take this course. Students must be able to communicate with the instructor in the language that the training is provided in


Course Materials: This course consists of several different components including a PowerPoint presentation, lecture, case studies, class discussions and hands on demonstrations. We will provide a student manual which will include all relevant written standards.


Introduction To Suspended Scaffolds
Suspended Scaffold Accidents
OSHA 1926 Overview
NYC Construction Codes Overview
General Principles of Fall Protection
Personal Protective Equipment & Fall Arrest Systems
Suspended Scaffold Use
Hoist, Platform & Rigging Equipment
Maximum Intended loads & Capacity
Rope, Fall, Knot, Hitch Configuration & connection
Wire Rope & Termination Techniques
Basic Rope, Fall, Hoist, Block & Rigging Set-Ups & Procedures
Lifelines, Rope & cable grabs
Electric Motors, Controls & Cables
Suspended Scaffold Inspection: Equipment & Rigging Hardware


Learning Outcomes:

Identify suspended scaffold systems & their essential components
Identify the most common suspended scaffold hazards
Explain how to prevent exposure to suspended scaffold hazards
Identify New York City Department of Buildings and OSHA regulations that pertain to scaffold design & use. 
Demonstrate ability to properly inspect and attach personal fall arrest system used by suspended scaffold workers
Apply various knots and hitches to hoisting and fall protection scenarios
Assemble block and tackle for a fiber rope light duty scaffold
Construct the wire rope termination for hoisting rope on suspended scaffolds.


Criteria for Course Completion
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