10-Hour OSHA Training

This 10-Hour training will provide information for an entry-level construction worker. Explaining the identification, avoidance, and prevention, of safety and health hazards on a construction job site. This course informs employees of their rights, employer’s responsibility, and how to file a complaint if their job site is not up to code. Also learning how to identify, avoid and prevent any other potentially hazardous conditions on the job. With a minimum of 10 hours the course will consist of these topics:

⇒ Introduction to OSHA
– Workers rights
– Employer’s responsibilities
– How to file a complaint

⇒ Electives
– Cranes, Derricks, hoists, Elevators, and Conveyors
– Excavations
– Material Handling, Storage, use and Disposal
– Scaffolds
– Stairways and Ladders
– Tools Safety  (Hand and Power)

⇒ OSHA Focus Four Hazards
– Falls
– Electrocution
– Struck-By
          — falling objects
          — cranes   
– Caught-in or Between
          –trench hazards
          — equipment