4- Hour Flagger Course

Description: During this 4-hour course students will be introduced to Federal and New York State policies, procedures and standards. Training will review general work zone safety principles, with concentration on recognition and prevent of hazardous conditions, and the topics discussed in this course provide a thorough understanding of the proper signals and safe flagging techniques specific to New York regulations, flagging procedures and proper use of required equipment, and how to coordinate traffic movement through the work zone. Students will have an opportunity to review flagging skills using hands-on training and classroom activities.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course, but students must also be able to comprehend the language in which the course is scheduled for. 
Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to understand the following:
  • Explain the need for flagging operations.
  • Describe abilities of a flagger as per NYS and MUTCD standards.
  • Apply standard references as they pertain to flagger operations.
  • Demonstrate typical flagging practices for day and night operations.
  • Practice and demonstrate all flagging signals and procedures.