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Safety Consulting

Our experts will build you a custom roadmap using key performance indicators recorded while observing day to day operations. We identify risk exposures and guide you on how best to remediate them. 

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We offer a variety of training services for occupational safety and more. Safe Connect uses proven techniques to optimize student engagement. Book a private class for your team or sign up for one of our scheduled courses.

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Safety Management 

Safe Connect helps people and businesses thrive. Our qualified professionals are dedicated to help ensure that each project is completed safely and successfully. If you're in need of a Safety Manager or Officer for an upcoming project, we have you covered.

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Incident Investigation

Our incident reporting procedures evaluate the entire risk management process. We target key components such as, witnesses, statements, photos, specific locations and other crucial data that can be used to analyze and help understand how the risk may have occurred.

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Program Development

Let us design and develop award winning programs for your organization. Safe Connect specializes in generating effective Safety Programs such as, Early Return To Work, Disciplinary, Reward/Incentive, Accident Reporting and more. 

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Guest speaking services

Book one of our industry experts for your next event. We provide guest speaking services for corporate meetings, safety stand downs, seminars/webinars and other events.

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