8 Hour Suspended Scaffold Supervisor Refresher

Description: To continue to supervise & use suspended scaffolds in New York City, the designated
suspended scaffold supervisor must successfully complete this 8 Hour Suspended Scaffold Supervisor Refresher Course four years following completion of the 32-Hour Suspended Scaffold Supervisor Course & every four years thereafter.

Prerequisites: Students must provide proof of their Suspended Scaffold Supervisor initial certification prior to taking
this course. In addition to completing this training course, individuals who supervise the installation or use of
a suspended scaffold must be designated as a Foreman on behalf of the licensed rigger or sign hanger.
Course Materials: This course consists of several different components including a PowerPoint presentation, lecture, case studies, class discussions and hands on demonstrations. We will provide a student manual which will include all relevant written standards

• Introduction To Suspended Scaffolds
• Suspended Scaffold Accidents
• OSHA 1926 Overview
• NYC Construction Codes Overview
• General Principles of Fall Protection
• Personal Protective Equipment & Fall Arrest Systems
• Suspended Scaffold Use
• Hoist, Platform & Rigging Equipment
• Maximum Intended loads & Capacity
• Rope, Fall, Knot, Hitch Configuration & connection
• Wire Rope & Termination Techniques
• Basic Rope, Fall, Hoist, Block & Rigging Set-Ups & Procedures
• Lifelines, Rope & cable grabs
• Electric Motors, Controls & Cables
• Suspended Scaffold Inspection: Equipment & Rigging Hardware

Learning Outcomes:

Students will develop the core management skills required to be an effective supervisor of suspended
scaffolding operations. Students will identify ways to read scaffold design drawings, how to verify the fitness
of the suspended scaffolding crew, properly train workers on related hazards, and how to identify and respond to
emergency situations. Upon successful completion of the course.