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You don't have much time if your card expires in 2023!

Workers and supervisors whose Site Safety Training (SST) cards expire in 2023 must complete refresher training courses before their SST card expires. If you wait until your card expires you will have to retake the full SST course again.

Workers Refresher Training
To renew SST cards, workers must complete eight hours of refresher training by choosing one of the following course programs:
Supervisors Refresher Training
To renew supervisor SST cards, supervisors must complete sixteen hours of refresher training by choosing one of the following course programs:
Local Law 196 of 2017 Information
"Local Law 196 of 2017 requires workers and supervisors at large construction sites (specifically sites that must designate a Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Manager, or Site Safety Coordinator) to complete safety training and obtain Department-approved site safety training (SST) cards. Under the law, SST cards expire after 5 years and can be renewed only after site safety training refresher courses are completed. A May 2018 Service Notice announced training requirements for new SST cards and SST card renewals. The first SST cards were issued in May 2018 and will begin expiring this year. In addition to the card-renewal coursework announced in May 2018, the Department has created new refresher training pathways for workers and supervisors, as described above.
NOTE: It is not necessary for workers or supervisors to retake full OSHA training courses; the refresher training pathways fully meet the requirements for card renewals."

-James S. Oddo, Commissioner, NYC DEPARTMENT OF BUILDINGS

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